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Stone is a natural product cut out of the earth. With this process, it is extracted out in a cube form and then sliced like bread. It is a milled product and there is a variation to the thickness through out the slabs. When it is extracted, the piece is called a lot. With a lot, all “slices” are all identical to each other so a dark blemish, for example, will go through the entire lot. So, looking at one slab you can determine what all of the cut pieces will look like. Every lot will be different from the next in color and veining.

We’ve Got The Tools for Marble and Granite Work

People wonder about how we are able to create the beautiful marble and granite work that we do for people’s homes.  Whether it’s a countertop, sink or outdoor kitchen area, Luxus has you covered.  Take a peak at one of our special “employees.”

Stone Facts

We often get asked about different stone pros and cons and care tips.  Here are a few guidelines that might help you with your decision whether you need a new counter top, back splash, fireplace face or more.


Granite is natural and has its very own natural beauty.  It is extremely strong and you can cut and put hot items on the top without issue. Each and every piece is different so their is always something unique in a granite counter.  Remember, you must seal, but sealing is as easy as cleaning the top.

granite countertopGranite can chip.  With the natural process of compression in the earth there are air pockets throughout.  When this exact spot is struck — even with out any force — it can pop out causing a hole or chip.  Even so, this does not alter the structural integrity of the stone.  Chips over 1/4″ can be filled with a color match epoxy.  Anything smaller than that is appreciated as part of the stone’s natural character.


nuvolato quartzT

Quartz:  With quartz,  all lots and slabs look very much the same which gives it a more modern and controlled look.  Unlike granite, no sealing is required, but no hot stuff or cutting please!



soapstoneSoapstone is a natural product known for its beauty and softness.  Its density makes it nonporous so sealing and staining are not issues.    Some people like to oil the surface to enhance the coloring while others like to leave it more natural.  One of the nice things about soapstone is the natural wear that occurs,  including scratching and dinging.  When soapstone is oiled it helps hide this wear.






Seams should look Seamless!

Here at Luxus we know how important your counter top, back splash, fireplace and other stone-finished areas look to you and your guests.  That’s why we are carry such a variety of materials and colors in our Cranston RI warehouse for you to choose from.  Natural stone is like bringing art into your home and doing it in a way that is both inexpensive and durable.

When our team works on installing your new counters, you can be sure that we will do the best possible job whether you choose granite, marble, or even Silestone.  While stone often needs to be cut after we make a template of your surface area, we pride ourselves on how well do our jobs and it’s our goal to make both the counters and the transition to your new kitchen as seamless as possible.

Take a look at the following photos to get an idea of how well we work the seems!


Templates for your New Countertop

It’s very important when getting a new countertop to make certain that you have a good, carefully done template for the space.

Typically, all existing counter surfaces should be removed to ensure that we get the most accurate template for your new marble or granite fixture.  Of course any new cabinetry or cupboards that are to go beneath the counter must be properly installed and level as well.  If you are doing a new backsplash as well, there may me some ways around this, but as a rule, be prepared to remove the counter.

How Do You Measure for Granite Countertops?

Did you ever wonder about how we measure for and cut those beautiful granite contertops?

We measure the countertop area length from the line of the back wall in each direction out. This allows us to make a template to ensure the proper fit.  Then we do a hard form template, an exact replica of your space, and lay that out on the selected stones and fabricate it from that.

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Marble backsplashes

kitchen backsplashA backsplash is an easy and affordable way to add some flair to your kitchen.

Update your cooking space with a marble backsplash. Marble backsplashes have become a popular interior design trend in the last few years.

backsplash tiles Using marble in your backsplash is a great idea. Marble is durable and easy to clean. You can use a tile mosaic technique, or one large beautiful smooth piece of marble to accentuate your kitchen.

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